Importance of Mental Health


Mental Health refers to our emotional, psychological, and social behaviors. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps to determine how we handle stress, make choices and relate to others.

Nowadays, mental health is very common among people and affects their professional and personal life.


How to overcome this Mental Health?

In many bad situations, we always think about why it Happens to us but it doesn’t matter What Happens?

But Matter how we respond to this situation in negative or positive ways. If we have to keep our hope/ we have to keep our determination/ we have to keep our grit, we can learn like Rubber Ball and bounce back as quickly as possible.


If we have two balls one is Glass Ball and the second is Rubber Ball.

first, we drop a glass ball on the floor,  and we will see that the glass ball scatters on the floor into many pieces but If we drop a Rubber ball on the floor,  the Rubber ball bounces back as soon as possible.

Conclusion: We should behave like Rubber Ball so that we can handle any bad situation in our life and bounce back to our normal life.  

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